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Top Things to Do in Amsterdam

Dutch people are known for their stubborn outlook towards life, and keeping their homeland alive. The Netherlands has been threatened with flooding by the ocean for years, and only the love that the Dutch feel for their home has led them to the innovation that keeps the country alive today.

Amsterdam - Top Sights

Amsterdam offers a variety of attractions, from the architectural style of the Old Church (Oude Kerk), the atypical art, such as the Marijuana and Hashish Museum, to the multitude of museums (over 50), most notably being the Rijksmuseum Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. Let's not forget the famous Red Light District where the carnal pleasures are in the daily menu.

London, UK - Top Places to Visit

London is blessed with a wealth of tourist attractions which portrays it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, visited annually by millions of tourists. London houses the royal residence at Buckingham Palace, Westminster, which is the seat of the government and a variety of museums and art galleries.

Barcelona, Spain - Top Sights

Knowing the scent of glory since 1992 when the Olympics were held in Spain, Barcelona has become one of the most beloved cities around the world. No wonder if we look how well completes the paradisiacal picture where the sea and the mountain creates what poets would call... poetry. To these are added the prosperity of the city, reflected in business, art, design and gastronomy.

4 Hotels to see while staying in Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas! The entertainment capital awaits you with its vibrant life full of color and opulence, where the magnificent casinos have their doors open at any time of day, not to mention the lack of restrictions on drinking or the hot performances for adults. The city of sins - Las Vegas, will amaze you with its super developed cinema as well as the trendy television shows.

Things to See in Singapore

Planning a trip to Singapore? You won’t be disappointed. While it’s an expensive destination, it’s a beautiful one too, bursting with fresh greenery at every turn that aptly surrounds the modern concrete landscape. There’s so much to do and see here, but be prepared for intensive heat. Since it’s so close to the equator, it’s hot and humid all year round.

China from New Heights: A Visit to the Great Wall

When visiting China, one of the things you absolutely should try to see is the Great Wall of China. If you can see it from space, then it stands to reason that you should see it up close and personal.

China Travel Tips: What First-Timers Should Prepare For

Planning your first trip to China? You’re probably busy marking down every landmark you want to see in every city you’ll visit. As exciting as it all is, there are some things that will be helpful to know before you arrive. These quick tips will make things a lot smoother during your stay.

Things Foreigners Find Unusual When They First Arrive in China

There are some places you’ll travel to where it doesn’t feel too different from home. However, China is definitely a place that takes getting used to. Love it or hate it, there will definitely be some things that you’ll find downright strange when you get there.

Great Places to See Pandas in China

When you see a picture of a giant panda, chances are you think of China. If you’re planning a trip to China, one of the most fantastic things you can do is plan a visit to a place that has giant pandas. They are absolutely adorable and if you’re an animal lover, you’ll delight in watching them eat and play.

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