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Hanoi, Vietnam

Prepare for a dream trip where you will visit the Hanoi, a bustling city with wonderful people and busy streets, old buildings, temples,  and the fabulous Halong Bay,  the most beautiful and spectacular bay in the world, being an UNESCO monument.

Welcome to New York City!

One of the largest and most visited cities in the world - New York, welcomes its guests with a lot of tourist attractions and a vibrant life too. Whether you want to admire the American national symbol - Statue of Liberty, representing the freedom, justice and equality, or want to go directly to the great Empire State Building...

Worth visiting in Bangkok, Thailand

Exotic and mysterious, yet shocking, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the most visited cities in Asia, sheltering countless tourist attractions and a remarkable cultural wealth.

The magic of Venice, Italy

Visiting Venice is like traveling back in time, being certainly one of the few cities with a priceless legacy in terms of art and history. Surprising in Venice, is the structure of buildings, because the city is built entirely on water, supported by a lot of pillars. 

Bucharest, Romania

Vibrant and lined with many sights to visit, the city of Bucharest is one of the most beautiful European capitals. This urban center invites you to let yourself captivated by its rich collections of museums and lured by the good humor and charm that dominates the historic center.

Welcome to Buenos Aires

The vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, enchants its visitors with so many leisure options: cafes, restaurants, shops, green spaces, cultural centers, colorful street fairs and many other top attractions.

Welcome to Sydney, Australia

The largest city of the Australian continent, Sydney, is a successful combination of lush skyscrapers, emblematic monuments, gorgeous galleries and that specific urban bustle, plus the multitude of restaurants, bars and cafes. 

Jerusalem, Israel - Points of Interest

The Holy City - Jerusalem presents the testimonies of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim civilization, being the cradle of history full of mysteries, attracting annually millions of tourists.

Prague, Czech Republic - Top Sights

The Czech capital – Prague, amazes with its pure beauty and uniqueness. Neither too opulent nor simple, Prague brings a smile on your face, through its specific charm, like the picturesque cobbled streets of the Small Town or the lovely cafes lined up in the city centre.

Beijing, China - So much to see!

The capital of China is one of the most impressive cities in the world. It has 17 million inhabitants and is located in the north-east of the country. It is visited annually by millions of tourists from around the world eager to know more about the Chinese culture and sights of the city.

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