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The Colorful Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is called "The Pink City" because of the law which required that all the buildings to be painted in that shade, still being in force from the time of the French protectorate of the city. Once in town, you will notice that all the buildings, without exception, are painted in shades of pink or light red, the reason being the one stated above.

Madrid, Spain Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions

Madrid, the capital of Spain, which is also the largest city in the country, is a place like no others. Here, you can explore art and first-class museums, admire the architectural wonders while drinking a tasteful coffee at a cozy cafe on the street, or enjoying the fabulous night life in tapas bars.

Lapland - The North of Finland

Lapland is known worldwide as the "Land of Santa Claus" - a magical place where the elves and Santa are preparing to send the gifts to children, on Christmas Eve, crossing the world in a reindeer sled. The little ones can write to Santa Claus all year round, who is receiving their wishes at the Korvatunturi Post Office.

Istanbul, Turkey - Top Sights To See

Istanbul is the only city on two continents, in constant motion and change, being a place where a variety of religions, cultures, mentalities and nationalities are living day by day, sharing the same space. In Istanbul you will find a complete chaos and over 2000 years of history with its related museums and monuments.

The Lovely Florence, Italy

Did you know that some of the most famous and best artists and celebrities come from Florence or they built their home in this fabulous Italian city? The great sculptor Donatello and Raphael and Michelangelo painters were born in Florence.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest offers multitude of monuments, museums, galleries, theaters, cinematographer and hundreds of restaurants and places to go out. Among all the attractions, The local hospitality and culinary richness adds more flavor to your journey in Budapest

Things to Do in Dubai - Visit Dubai

Beyond its complexity, opulence, sun and shopping, Dubai has much more to offer, being in a constant change. Dubai City covers an area of approximately 60 km and has an older commercial area - Deira and Bur Dubai - and the modern areas such as: Downtown, Internet City and Marina, filled with skyscrapers.

Paris, The City of Sights - Visit Paris

The City of Lights is waiting for you to discover its beauty and bohemian scent that floats in the air. Stylish yet suave, Paris offers each guest a lush experience loaded with charm and melancholy. Here you will enjoy the most beautiful scenery, the most delicious croissants and the most interesting tourist attractions.

Tel Aviv, Israel Top Sights

Tel Aviv is also called "The Miami Beach of the Mediterranean". There are many beaches that you can stretch your towel to take advantage of the sun. Each of them attracts tourists with other distractions, from jugglers and musicians on drums, to spectacular playgrounds for children.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Prepare for a dream trip where you will visit the Hanoi, a bustling city with wonderful people and busy streets, old buildings, temples,  and the fabulous Halong Bay,  the most beautiful and spectacular bay in the world, being an UNESCO monument.

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